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General Implementation Plan

DONE - Kickoff Meeting.

DONE - Fundamentals Training.  I would like to specify three days where we could train your end users.  The goal of this would be a cursory introduction to our system which would begin to familiarize your staff with our product and enable them to start formulating questions.  This needs to happen sometime between now and the week ending  June 5.  Please give some thought as to the grouping, availability, and resources (training room) for this.  We would, of course, do this remotely.  I do have a challenge on my end in identifying a resource who can be available on short notice.

Assess/Define Stage  I would like to spend our one week of travel the week of June 8 by sending an Implementation Consultant onsite to sit down with everyone and specifically address concerns, needs, and possibilities.  The goal here is to gain the information such that when we configure the site, it will match your end users’ expectation and satisfy their needs.  Typically we arrive Sunday night, work Monday through Thursday evening, and travel on Friday.  We should be very deliberate about scheduling the time of your staff.


Configuration  This work will happen remotely.  Based on our findings from the onsite week, we would put together a schedule for Configuration.  This process will take the rest of June and into July.  Our consultant will need to maintain contact with the end users, checking in with them as he moves forward, getting feedback and input along the way.  In reality, I will probably have two or three consultant working together.

User Acceptance Testing  This stage would require the most participation from your team.  At this point (probably early July), the database would be fully configured and in need to thorough testing.  Because of the limited time and resources, it would be most advantageous for a few key people on your team to start using the software for testing.  They will want to take detailed notes on anything that is not working as they would like, fees not calculating properly, etc.

Go Live would be the last two week of July.  Normally we would do this onsite with you.  We would also train all the end users during that time.  But given there is no travel budget, we may have to chart a more creative course.

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